Scholl: Undivided attention for feet


Advertising Agency:, Breda, Netherlands
Art Director: Roy Schellekens
Copywriter: Arjan Hoekstra
Director: Carli Hermes
Camera / Editing: Skip, Deep Thought production
Motion Design: Firma Buurman
Costume: Ben Voorhaar, Atelier Karisma

January 2011


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Very pretty, but I want them to explain the ad more. This is a little too subtle.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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sounds good.

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The intentions are very good, but unfortunately the commercial is very boring.

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I loved the feet.

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Roger Keynes said it on the print ad - 'seems like the start of a bigger idea'. I've not seen this running in NL, where there are close-to-zero English language ads; even if this is a translation from Dutch, the original would still not be convincing copy. Gets points for abstract and nice-assed dancers, but as a communication vehicle, especially the disappointing tagline, this bombs for me.

Of course the product pays "undivided attention [to] feet", in the same way that Chinese guy from Blade Runner "I only do eyes" specialises in only one area. This makes little distinction from competitors; add to that the fact that Scholl is already known as the footcare company, and I think this flies very wide of the mark: it ends up as a pretty load of gauzy blah that says 'we only do feet' without saying how the feet feel about it, especially those being punished by living on the end of dancers' legs.

Athelete's foot and bunions and corns and fallen arches pay undivided attention to feet too. Someone should've been on set with a Reality Check button.

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Kavon Relim
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i wasn't looking at the feet in this ad....sorry.

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