Save the Children: Ewoma

The purpose of the spots is to draw public attention to the victims of this human rights-defying crime; to raise the public's awareness of the as yet unknown scale of this problem, whose victims go un-noticed and to make people aware of their social responsibility to actively denounce trafficking.

Advertising Agency / Production Company: Thetouch, Spain
Art director: Sergio Sainz
Copywriter: Yoryo Hortolà
Film Director: Rafa Calleja
Music: Avantroots

September 2010


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Roger Keynes
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Really not sold on the Comms Strategy here.
Kids v kids on/in a vid game?
Shouldn't this idea be targeting/disuading older males.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
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Shallow concept, I don't really like it, but perhaps I lost something as I don't really understand Spanish.

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ok concept. that's all I can say.

aRianna_.'s picture
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The concept's OK, but the message's incomplete. It only sais your indifference makes it worse, but it doesn't say what you can actually DO! There's no web page, no number for denunciation, no tips or things to do to protect yourself (as a child or teenager), nothing! The lack of essential info. just makes it a waste of money for the advertiser and a waist of time for the viewer.

3 stars for effort

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Agreed, but the message is still good, its like she is playing the woman as if anyones daughter could be the victim! They are trying to show you a link between a woman you dont know and a woman that might be your relative! its kinda pullling you a little closer to caring, I think! Still they lack all that you just said!

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The number for emergency calls is 112. It is shown in the ad.

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Marlus Lau
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No...I believe they could have thought better ideas. I think it's not enough to make people aware of that issue.

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