Saturn: The Evolution of Technology

The selection was tough, but now it's there: The strongest technology of all times. Mercilessly low priced.
SATURN – We hate expensive.

Advertising Agency: Scholz&Friends, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director: Oliver Handlos
Art Directors: James Cruickshank, Michael Hess
Copywriters: Felix Fenz, Sebastian Plum, Bastian Engbert
Director: Carl Erik Rinsch
Executive Producer: Lutz Müller
Producer: Tobias Steinhauser
DoP: Javier Aguirresarobe
Postproduction: Alex Grau
Charakter-Design: Jeff Julian, Big Lazy Robot
Sounddesign: Audioforce
Aired: October 2008

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Guest commenter

Cool. But the whole german dialogue at the end... it makes me feel like I've got a gag in my mouth and am being punished for being a sexual deviant. Bit too harsh for my liking.

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Guest commenter

Do you understand German?

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I showed a blind guy my TVC the other day, he said he'd like it to be more visual.

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great visual effect, but the evolution part happened too fast, should elaborate on that and make the evolution more exciting.

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Guest commenter

We hate expensive. thats what these guys say but looks like they spent loads on making this..

nice execution

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Bloody brilliant.
Okay thats unconstructive gush over with.

I agree with the 1st comment that I feel like I've been a baad boy (anyone reminded of Gozer from Ghostbusters), could be a cultural thing.

That aside It's a beutifully crafted peice of work.Great art direction, seemless CGI, the muted colors really sell the mechanical idea. Love the Mecha Tranna (carefull spelling), way better than any car morphing into a robot.

It's all a bit too rapid, but thats adverts 30 sec's to get your idea across. I found myself re watching it several times and I'v no idea what it's selling. If it's meant get my attention then job done! if I'm meant to know what it's promoting maybee I need to speak German.


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I really enjoyed most of it, what a cool job. I like the way the dinosaurs have a 'rough machine' look rather than a 'polished robot' one. The ending is rather lame.

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Crisp One
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agreed, the dinos where amazing looking, and i hated the payoff.

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Very smart, great visual effects and animation, direction is perfect.

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Evolution? Dinosaurs? Consumer electronics? Expensive? Saturn?
Unfortunately I kind of think that the message gets lost in all the coolness of the visual story.

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just great production.

nothing more.

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Guest commenter

I saw too many evolutions in my life. But the production's great.

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Guest commenter

Just Great.

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There's no way in hell a pack of sabre toothed tigers could take down big Rex. There's just no way.

:: Choose your words wisely or I'll stab you with a point of view ::

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Very good production/animation, but the payoff sucked!!!!!!!


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Really cool ad but I have no idea what they're selling. Maybe I would if I was German?

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Great visual effects and that's just about it.

:: Choose your words wisely or I'll stab you with a point of view ::

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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i thought it's gonna evolve to saturn...

anyways.. LOVE the tagline .. " We hate expensive"


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Guest commenter

If you were German you'd know what they're selling even without hearing what she says.
Saturn is kind of like Best Buy, i think virtually everybody knows that here.

And being a German I don't feel punished by her. Although the payoff in fact isn't as smart as the rest.

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Guest commenter

really nice visuall execution, great, love it. nice one

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The quicktime link is broken, fix it please? :(

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i think that it is very interesting and i don't really know

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no it is not

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i would like to thank Alejandra

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i think that this is very important to know specially

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really good concept and IMPRESSIVE executions!

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