Sansa & Fuze: Run

Advertising Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, USA
Associate Creative Director: Tom Scharpf
Senior Copywriter: Crockett Jeffers
Copywriter: Nick Cade
Producer: Zeynep Taslica
Design Director: Blake Bakken
Production Co: Transistor Studios
Executive Creative Director: James Price
Executive Producer: Damon Meena
Head of Production: Andrea Sertz
Art Director: Jason Salo
Associate Producer: Nicole Salm
Assistant Producer: Corrine Liebe
Storyboard Artist: Tyler Watson
Designers: Jason Salo, Jamie Rockaway, Mario de Toledo Sader, Aaron Baker, Ken Edge, Stephen Keheller
2D- Animators/Compositors: Adam Stockett, Gerald Mark Soto, Dorian West
3D-Modelers/Animators: Aaron Baker


Nolita's picture

Seems nice, but feels like something is missing. Saw it, a minute latter forgot about it.

sneakyhands's picture
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her running isn't very natural. all i can think about is how weird she looks.

Favete's picture
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Just a lil' smile... we don't ask for much... a little smiley. And those music changes.... nah!

mark3r's picture
1953 pencils

AAAHH!! Her back's on fire!!... this is lame.


crisis's picture
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A little too close to iPod spots, and not nearly as good (just like sansa products themselves)

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