Sandy and Jessica

Production: Tetes A Claques.tv - Salambo Productions
Michel Baudet, Copywriter, Director
Simon Parizeau, editor
Hugo Caron, Art Director
Sarah Meltzer, Business Development

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, New York, USA
Creative Director: Tom Van Daele
Copywriter: Guillaume Van der Stighelen
Art Director: Tom Van Daele
Account Directors: David Simpson, Helen Jackers
Agency Producer: Marc Van Buggenhout

March 2007


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Ok I find this one the best of them all. And looking at the names of the people of that agency. It seems they are Dutch. I find this cool :)

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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i wonder if one of the creatives was the voice, if you listen, you can hear the accent! i love it!

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well yeah... but the dumb blond concept has been used over and over again... the one with the cavemen surprises you...
and i laughed my head off!!

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it's funny but the other two are much better

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love everything. very fresh. except the type on the tagline and vo. seems they tried to get cutesy.

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i flippin' love how they filmed it! hillarious! those eyes!

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I'm curious as to how many of you know this originated as a Quebec-based series of cartoons from a website called www.TetesAClaques.tv. The agency who did these worked in collaboration with the owners of the site to create an American ad. They even scrapped the "American" voiceovers originally planned for the ads as they felt Quebec accents would work better. Check out the website if you get a sec. It's in French but you'll probably laugh anyway!

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quite cool stuff. like a retake on the old Clutch Cargo cartoons.

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thanks for the info! i've seen this puppet / real eyes and mouth mix up before but these are phenomenal.

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I knew that. I have a question, do you find those funny because I just don't understand why people are going crazy about les tetes a claques.

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The creator of this add is French Canadian, from Montreal. Go see http://www.tetesaclaques.tv/ for his work.
But beware...it is in....FRENCH!!!!

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Haha, I find this really funny..... so funny I've watched it three times in a row.

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