April 2010

Dubbed "Wonder-full", the spot is the first of Samsung's 2010 "Dedicated to Wonder" campaign that features a family of three who, on a visit to an aquarium, conduct the improbable feat of slicing out a large cube of water, fish intact, lashing it to the roof of their car and driving it home, where the father sets the square on the living room entertainment center and compresses it into the new ultra slim Samsung 3D LED TV. As the family relaxes on the couch, Samsung 3D active glasses on, a stream of sea creatures pours from the screen and appears to hover over them in the living room, giving the sensation of 3D action even to viewers watching in 2D.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, USA
EVP / Executive CD: Bob Price
Executive CD: Mark Gettner
CD: Mike Doyle
SVP / EP: Vincent Geraghty
SVP / Account Director: Trent Buterbaugh
Account Director: Melanie McCord Behling
Prod Company: Rabbit
Director: TWiN
DP: Mauro Fiore
EPs: Douglas Howell, Joby Barnhart
Head of Production: Jeff Sommar
Producer: Shelby Ross
Production Supervisor: Jay Spangler
Asst. Production Supervisor: Lana Greenaway
Editorial: Union Editorial
Editor: Jim Haygood
EP: Michael Raimondi
Post / Effects: Digital Domain

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No with owfped.

But, if they can sell you old idea of 100 years old with flash new package, that is because they have a lot of money to fool people through advertising.

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Activity Score 4069

Brilliant!!!! Excellent is an understatement. Btw, the blue visual reminds me of 'Starry night' by Vincent Van Gogh


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Activity Score 271

Too good. Excellent work.

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Activity Score 215

explains descriptive & detailed what the product is... thank you. creative? ....

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Activity Score 3279

Amazing execution

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Activity Score 30

Simple Wonderfull

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Activity Score 1175


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Rafael Steffen
Activity Score 61

This is good. The concept and the way that they show the idea of 3D.
Congrats. You`ve got it

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Activity Score 3435

That's a wow and a half!!! No commentary required. Mute and watch, you get the message! !0*


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Henry Haube
Activity Score 6

obvious, friendly, good - aware of trends?

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Activity Score 648

Fun idea. I'm just a bit concerned about the future of the product. Will we really need forever 3D glasses?

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Activity Score 1145

Lovely ad. Too bad the product is not at par with it. These glasses shuts one lens then the other one (alternating to create depth). 300$ a pair (battery excluded). Not like the ones in movie theater.

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No with owfped.

But, if they can sell you old idea of 100 years old with flash new package, that is because they have a lot of money to fool people through advertising.

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Looks amazing! Well done, congrats.

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Activity Score 497


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Garlos Sánchez
Activity Score 47

Brillant idea!

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Andre Maia
Activity Score 9

Great execution!

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Activity Score 4601

old idea. but nice execution.

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Nguyen Thanh Hai
Activity Score 105


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Activity Score 1101


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Alan Zed
Activity Score 58

Poor idea, good execution = poor ad

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beautiful work from TWIN. Nice boys:)