Samsung: Unicorn Apocalypse

Advertising Agency: 72andSunny, USA
Executive Creative Director: Jason Norcross
Creative Directors / Copywriters: Matt Heath, Barton Corley
Senior Copywriter: Patrick Maravilla
Senior Designers: Brandt Lewis, Allison Hayes
Junior Copywriter: Jack Jenson
Director of Film Production: Sam Baerwald
Senior Film Producers: Angelo Mazzamuto, Erin Goodsell, Nicole Haase
Group Brand Director: James Townsend
Brand Manager: Andy Silva
Brand Coordinator: Nadia Economides
Director: Michael Downing
Executive Producers: Jerry Solomon, John Duffin
Producer: Eric Sedorovitz

January 2013


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Blackberry is dead and buried, no real need for pushing a comparison agenda here. Weak.

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The blackberry 10 might keep them around for a while.

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strange that it is so specific about a mobile game company. that might not meet many peoples interest. nice product demos yeah, but a little long

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