Samsung Galaxy TV: Anniversary

Advertising Agency: Mayo Draftfcb, Peru
Chief Creative Officer: Humberto Polar
Copywriters: Renato Farfán, Javier Wong, Victor Vélez, Giacomo Ferruzo
Art Director: Gabriel Capurro
Head of Art: Ivan Tahara
Executive Producer: Milagros Vargas
DoP: Luiz Zelada, Marco Zelada
Agency Producer: Ximena Lazo
Post production: Kazoo
Music: Kazoo
Account manager: Manuel Vinatea


Klara K.'s picture
Klara K.
2695 pencils

"Saved by TV" doesn't really do it for me. And the style reminds me too much of Coca Cola Zero commercials.

Temple's picture
10780 pencils

Agree with Kachka. And to be even pickier, what is this decolorized 2000's telecine doing here.

kleenex's picture
33776 pencils

I say the ads work, but I do wonder why they went with the decolorized 2000's telecine crap..

N17's picture
469 pencils

something is missing.

DaAvitar's picture
158 pencils

I could tell the target audience is the 18-34 but somehow this doesn't click with me.......

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13389 pencils

Agree with Kachka and Temple. And to be the pickiest, what's up with the antenna on the product?

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