Samsung: Galaxy

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, USA
Creative Director / Copywriter: Colin Selikow
Creative Director / Art Director: Vince Cook
Producer: Matt Blitz
Prod Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Daniel Benmayor
EP: Jeff Baron
EP / Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison
Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
Post / Effects: Asylum
Visual Effects Supervisor: Mitch Drain
Lead Flame Artist: Miles Essmiller
2D Artist: Rachel Keyte
3D Artist: Jason Locke
Paint: Paul Fedor, Tim Clark
Executive Producer: Michael Pardee
Bidding Producer: Cassandra Khavari
Producer: Darcie Muangman

September 2010


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Good action, but it can be for any media player. I don't see how this sells this Samsung phone.

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Jaap Grolleman
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I disagree. Samsung is clearly associating themselves with this and I think works well. Nice commercial and something new (and more interesting) in the mobile phone adworld.

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I have one of those wide phones, supposedly cinema in the palm of your hand. Don't believe the hype. Cinema is cinema and your palm is your palm and those two don't mix.

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I'd have liked it if they would have come to a tall black wall instead of falling off the palm of his hand. good production value though.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Nat Guy
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"That's the wonder of Samsung." I hear a claim of differentiation but I don't see proof of it. I don't see the differentiation from, say an iPhone. Or are they just saying "Hey people who don't want an Apple product: we have iPhone-like entertainment on this thing" ?

Chris's picture
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for a budget as big, they could have been a lil more creative.

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I have a Galaxy Spica and it's plays movies smoothly with wonderful colors, but I agree: ad could have been something more creative.

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i guess so.

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