Samsung: El Plato Supreme


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How did this even get the green light???

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Jaap Grolleman
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Blah - it's got no message and it's not making me laugh, if that's what it tries to do.

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You guys obviously don't watch Breaking Bad. I think it works in the right context. (apologies in advance if you do watch the show and know the character being parodied)

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I've seen EVERY EPISODE of Breaking Bad and these spots have nothing to do with that show or Odenkirk's character. These spots just suck!

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I love these. They aren't meant to showcase the product features and capabilities. Instead they build likability for the phone and brand via 3 funny guys. Honestly if they foul up the casting this spot doesn't work well or possibly at all.

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jeje nice..! :D

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This was a teaser for another ad. It's not meant to sell the product.

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