Russell Athletic: Style Points

Producer - Adrea Lavezzoli.

Advertising Agency: The Richards Group, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Stan Richards
Creative Directors: Rob Baker, Jimmy Bonner
Art Director: David Ring
Copywriter: Clint Carter
Agency Producer: Sheri Cartwright
Production Company: Directorz
Director: Jeff Bednarz
DP: Mark Thomas
Editorial Company: CharlieUniformTango
Editor: Jack Waldrip
Music Company: Beacon Street
Composers: Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau
Baseball: Joey Waldrip
Stair Running: Meredith Ramsey
X-Training: Travis Williams
Running: Joe Perales
Basketball: Charlie "CJ" Carter
Basketball: Blake Davenport
Football: Trevoy Lenear II

August 2010


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I like it!

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While I expect more from TRG in the BIG idea department it wasn't all bad. Liked the DP work, the high speed frame rate at the beginning and how it goes to 24fps towards the end. Guess I'm a sucker for style over substance in this case. Stan, next time don't sign off w/o an actual idea, technique only goes so far. In this case four stars.

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The Narration makes this ad unexciting, maybe by using only a music it would be better, because the visual part wasnt so bad at all.

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I loved it. The narrative was a bit causal, but I am a producer that loves action. And there is plenty of it in this short. From what I hear the professional athletes were a blast to work with. You guys in the industry knows how rare that chance comes along. The Richards Group should be commended, as well as the staff. Play it more!

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