Roy Award Show: Hamster

Roy - The Award Show for Great Directors

Advertising Agency: Le Bureau, Stockholm, Sweden
Creatives: Jonas Wittenmark, Tobias Carlson
Production Company: Palladium
Aired: October 2009


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560 pencils

Whahahahaha. Animal rights people are going to pop piles out their asses.

I love it.

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I don't want to watch this at all

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bunnies 10/10
goldfish -12/10
this one 6/10
you actually know that the hamster will most likeley die from it BUT the little burp at the end kind of saves it for me :)

your desired outcome is that people shall want to continue watching.
the rabbits are the best solution because you know that the outcome will be hilariously positive and anticipated.
you however dont want to watch a fish die a horrible death and you have a slight feeling that intoxicating a hamster will have a similar result.

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agreed. Great concept if they avoided torture.

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love it!!!!! not sure about the fish though...

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