Renault: Slow

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Mexico
Creative Directors: Agustín Esteban
Art Director: Agustín Esteban
Copywriter: Flavio Pantigoso
Director: Fred Clapp
Photographer: Serguei Tanaka
Production Company: Cineconcepto
Published: 2006


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amazing grace! the one guy who's face transforms into a fish is my favorit.

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such a great commercial, total letdown in the end, I thought it was for a camera half-way through due to a flash. What a bummer....

... its already been done...

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bravisimo, muy bueno

Jarne von Wolfsburg's picture
Jarne von Wolfsburg
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* * * * *

applauso fortissimo

THNM87's picture

Ive all ready seen this....doesent move me at all.
than mexican agency keep stealing from ppl lololol

two thumbs up's picture
two thumbs up

what do you mean "stealing"?
and who gives a shit if it doesn't move you?
I don't like your bad breath, neither, and who cares.

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The tagline was wonderful. Not that it was original, but put into the context of the commercial I really liked it.

But as a critique, I think:

1. They should have limited it to moments that are beautiful/cool in full speed. The kiss, the beatbox, stuff like that. The girl eating shrimp and a few of the other scenes would have been boring/ugly in full speed as well.

2. The girl eating the shrimp was OBVIOUSLY over chewing, which kinda was a bummer on the rest of the commercial.

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"slow is ugly"- makes sense for the commercial but i don't like the sound of it. slow is ugly. slow is ugly. nope, don't like it.

coronam's mother's picture
coronam's mother

Poor coronam... just get some ear plugs or close your eyes if it makes you happier.

Andal's picture
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Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

azael's picture
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Muy Bueno!!! *****

WC's picture

such a fresh angle to sell fast :)

Username's picture
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no lo se, se me hace tan sexy la que se come el camaron... jajaja

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Not so fresh, I would say.
( at the botom of the page)


Brownsugar's picture

Much fresher than the French campaign, I would say.
Not similar at all.

Onlu true's picture
Onlu true

Pretensiuosly arty. Superficial.

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rudy tulang
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two thumbs up...!

hi world

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