Renault Clio: Bel Air

Advertising Agency : WAM/Publicis, France
Creatives: Fabrice Dubois, Pascale Gayraud
Agency Producer: Damien Fournier Perret
Production Company : WANDA Productions
Producer: Patrick Barbier
Director: Philippe André
Director of Photography: Alex Larmarque
Post-production House: Buf Cie
Editor (&co.): Nicholas Waymann Harris
Location(s): Los Angeles
Music: WAM
Aired: January 2008


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I get it but there's no reason to believe it. Most rich people in Beverly Hills will not drive an ugly p.o.s. Renault Clio. Renault is also not even sold in the United States! They stopped importing Renaults here decades ago.

Goblin's picture
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Even better for benefit. If they buying R from EU it must be good than :)
(.....just bought one few months ago so I realy must defent it :) )

vwray81's picture
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Actually I take back the comment of the Clio being ugly. They're actually not that ugly. But everything else is true ;P

Goblin's picture
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Fair enough :D

slimseni's picture
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nice, i like it

gmint7's picture
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It's great!


512's picture
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no, it´s not. it´s overpromising and probably directly out of the clients heads.
but if it helps to convince at least one us-citizen to switch from his fuckin hummer
to a smaller cars that´s fine.

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Ok I think you all missed the logical fallacy... They have nice American cars to show off. But when the tourists are gone they all take out their clio's (witch they are ashamed of). This is a French ad, and remember that the French mock the Americans. This is a good ad, as long as it stays within its geographical boundaries!

moisescho's picture
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this is another corporate crap. horrible.

kergu's picture
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boring! and the music it´s to stupid.

wahwah's picture
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why don't you compose a track you critic without a cause

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This ad is quite cool. Yes, it's out of this world, but then again so are some other soft sell ads. This reminds me of the Pepsi ad where a kid bought two can of coke so he can stand on them to reach the Pepsi button. It's ridiculous. No kid would trade a Pepsi for a price of 3 soda cans.... but you remember the ad and the brand, if not for anything else, just for the sake of ridiculousness.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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El compositor de esa música debe ser hijo del cliente y la idea puede estar bien o mal, en realidad no interesa./
The composer of that music must be son of the client and the idea can be or or badly, in fact it does not interest.


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