Red Cross: Stop being a spectator

Every month, Quebecers fall victim to more than 900 domestic fires. Stop being a spectator. Give.

Advertising Agency: Cossette, Montreal, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Michel Dealuw
Creative Director: Jonathan Rouxel
Copywriter: Anne-Laure Naumowicz
Production House: 1One
Directors: Jean-rené Parenteau, Jonathan Rouxel
Music: François Bélanger / Sonart
Sound: Sonart

February 2011


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Translation, please.

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"every month, quebecois (people from quebec province) are victims of more than 900 home conflagrations.
Don't stay a viewer.

"Canadian red-cross

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Ver nice idea, perhaps the execution is failing. I think that right now the only ones capable of watching this are the some who are reproducing it in the cab,

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Thanks for your comment. The idea with the projection was to recreate the same reaction people have when there is a fire: they look at it, without doing nothing, like spectators.
The film was shot like an ambiant, but was shot to be aired on national tv.

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Hi Jonathan, I think it would have been slightly more effective had there been a second car following the first one. The second one would just project the call to action with the Red Cross logo, so that nothing is missed out. Great work nevertheless.

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@threadlessscrew I totally agree, we just did not have the money to rent another projector and at the end of the day, it was ment to be a tv...

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Very exciting and creative way of raising awareness regarding the domestic fires in Quebec. Kudos to the one who created this ad. Cheers.

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