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November 2011
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HIV spreads via sexual contact. Polish Red Cross decided to warn young people, how dangerous it is to have sex with someone you barely know. We used basic feature of facebook as the main medium of communication – Friend Request. We created a profile of a beautiful young woman and sent the friend requests to young polish facebook users. They had to decide whether they want to confirm the relationship, basing only upon her name and photo – just like it happens in a pub when you meet someone new. If they confirm the request, they can see the only post that Alice has on her wall – a video that reveals how the facebook user met her. Facebook user becomes the hero of the movie. By this way we warn people to be more cautious in real life and not to accept sex proposals from the strangers.

Other credits: Jola Mazurek, Anna Janicka, Kasia Borowicz, Karol Góreczny, Marek Palak, Aleksandra Mączak, Julia Dziurbiejko, Piotr Jakubowski, Michał Księżuk, Sylwia Sencekova, Stanisław Kociołek, Tomasz Kuczma, Bartek Kaczmarek, Kuba Pietrzak, Kasia Godlewska, Teodor, Sen Pszczoly, Box Postproduction, Dynamo, Delapost,

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Digital, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Directors: Piotr Chrobot, Max Olech
Art Director: Wojtek Pakier
Copywriters: Kamil Majewski, Michał Pawłowski
Photographer: Bartek Pogoda

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Seriously? So that simply says no one HIV+ could have sex anymore? There are too many wrong messages on this ad about HIV/AIDS..It firstly creates a very wrong impression on society about the people carry the infection.