Ram Trucks: Farmer

Advertising Agency: The Richards Group, USA

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Ten stars. Instant classic.

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Nike Diesel
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Totally agree. This is so good and well written I can't stop watching this amazing piece of work.
Million stars from me. I was thinking, Damn this is good! But then I got sad for a second seeing the link below thinking it's a ripoff. But it's not.

Quote from YouTube: " is pleased to be working with Ram Trucks and support the "Farmer" Super Bowl commercial"

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The Richards Group paid to let them retag their spot with Dodge. To me, that just says they have more money than creativity.

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Nike Diesel
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If that's the real truth, I'm on your side.

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This ad is a remake. This is extraordinary in advertising. Personally I have never come across a remake (where remake means permission from the original) in hundreds of thousands of commercials I have watched professionaly (I am not talking about brand adaptations of original material to other countries).

This duplication (down to its shooting technique) poses an interesting problem, somehow philosophical. So, is it or is it not a great spot? For me, it is still a 10 star spot. Because, if one says that the spot sucks, then the original (of which this is a remake, but with better production values) sucks too. And I don't think professionals among us would ever dare to say the farms spot sucks.

What does this say about the agency though? Well, that's a hard one. They may have conditioned themselves that by persuading the farm people to practically buy their idea, they thought creatively. After all, wasn't honda's cog something similar, a reproduction of another video? But other people will see it as a grand cop-out. In any case, I wouldn't want to be working over there these days and answer the question "you couldn't think of anything yourselves, could you?"

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Great stuff!

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I initially thought this was a winner too until I checked Joe's link. What the hell Stan?

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My first reaction was that this is a great commercial. Then I watched Joe's link and it's a complete ripoff. Pretty lame even if they did pay off

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Rip off or not this is one very solid ad.

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Nike Diesel
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True. And I personally believe it's a collaboration rather than a ripoff.

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So now we're switching out logos and re-purposing old ads, and that's o.k. with you guys? (SMH)

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The ad was ripped off. The original video was uploaded over 1 1/2 years ago (2011) and has over a million hits. If this was a collaboration are we to believe The Richards Group has been sitting on this spot for that long? And why would they produce the same thing for a Super Bowl spot? My guess, they were found out and scrambled to get in touch with to make a donation so things wouldn't get out of hand.

As creatives, should we not be searching for the most original idea we can think of? Are we that lazy that we have to become heavily inspired by something that already exists? If you're going to steal something at least strip it down and re-paint it up nice to try and resemble something different. Don't just use the same Paul Harvey sound bite and visual technique. LAZY!

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no go...

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I don't care how great this is, you can't reward stealing, re-doing, re-purposing or whatever you want to call this frankenstein. If this thing wins a single major award, then something is seriously wrong with our profession.

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The work is great, but it raises loads of questions. Whose work is it really? I sure agree with getaloadofthis on this winning any major award. That will start a dangerous trend.

"Every ad is an opportunity."

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quote from
" is pleased to support Ram Trucks and the Super Bowl commercial acknowledges the hard work and importance of farmers and agriculture. Ram Trucks is supporting Future Farmers of America when this video is viewed."

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Great ad.

I think it's pretty mature to say: 'Hey we can't beat this -- so here...'

But to then get a major award -- I don't think so.

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Great remake, better than the original. Pleasure to watch.


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