Quiznos: The Triple Twister

If this were an ordinary sub, you'd eat it an ordinary way. According to science, the fastest way from table to mouth is a straight line. This is an acceptable way to eat a normal sub. But for the Chicken Bacon Dipper, with all-white-meat chicken, smoky bacon, chipotle jack bread and a zesty side of cheese sauce made for dipping, normal is not on the menu. This extraordinary sub deserves an extraordinary way to be eaten.

Advertising Agency: VML, Kansas City, USA
Creative Director: Kyle Taylor
Art Director: Kyle Taylor
Copywriter: Derek Anderson
Editor: Scott Stone
Producer: Lindon Wade, Lindsey Wade
Additional credits: Rush Wade
Published: March 2011


mtneylon's picture
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Maybe most of these commercials in this campaign prove to be a generational divide, but I didn't really understand the purpose for using most of these people. For me, it was hard to follow, with the pauses and unrecognizable referneces.

I think the last one was alluding to Bob Ross, although I didn't see the need for the cowboy hat. And I think the afro was displaced to the beard haha.

To me, an amateur, these seem like pricey gag commercials.

thedesignaddict's picture
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This is the weakling of the bunch. The other ones are awesome.

kleenex's picture
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They certainly have a style to them.

Prof's picture
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trying too hard to force a style and "humour". too much ripping off of skittles and that latin-american commercial with the weird tennis players. and what the hell was with that failure to rip off bob ross?

Quite really.

krautland's picture
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I don't think this is trying hard at all. to me, this is effortlessly charming. pretty darn good.

dean viii's picture
dean viii
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yep, trying too hard to be funny and quirky, and it fails.

thedesignaddict's picture
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You either get the humour or you don't. Clearly you don't.

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