Quiznos: The Hair-Raiser

If this were an ordinary sub, you'd eat it an ordinary way. According to science, the fastest way from table to mouth is a straight line. This is an acceptable way to eat a normal sub. But for the Chicken Bacon Dipper, with all-white-meat chicken, smoky bacon, chipotle jack bread and a zesty side of cheese sauce made for dipping, normal is not on the menu. This extraordinary sub deserves an extraordinary way to be eaten.

Advertising Agency: VML, Kansas City, USA
Creative Director: Kyle Taylor
Art Director: Kyle Taylor
Copywriter: Derek Anderson
Editor: Scott Stone
Producer: Lindon Wade, Lindsey Wade
Additional credits: Rush Wade

March 2011


TommyO's picture
1866 pencils

First his beard gets dirty, and at the end it's clean and the area around the mouth is dirty. Great continuity, guys.

thedesignaddict's picture
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Cliff Freeman lives on. I love this.

krautland's picture
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you are right, right, oh so right.

dean viii's picture
dean viii
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If he is and this represents his work, he's in a rest home drooling on himself.

Mick001's picture
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3 words... WTF? so poor!

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dean viii
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Mental note: don't work in Kansas City.

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