October 2007
Advertising Agency: Y&R Asia, Singapore
ECD: Rowan Chanen
Copywriter: Edward Ong
Art Directors: Scott McClelland, Kirsten Ackland
Agency Producers: Kim Lim
Production Company: Velocity Films
Director: Keith Rose
Producer: Karen Kloppers
Director of Photography: Keith Rose
Editing company: Deliverance Post Production
Editor: Ricky Boyd
Post Production: Waterfront Post
IQ Artist: Heino Henning
3D: Condor Post
Music composition: Robert Schroder / Lorraine Shannon (Members of SAMRO)

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The ad is good, the music is ok. Everybody has different tastes.

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Activity Score 286

it was like this: We have to an ad for Bravia here in Egypt. The balls and paint have been done and also the rabbits. So, we have pyramids and let's say threads of different colours instead of balls coming down from a pyramid not a San Francisco street

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Activity Score 8

...and it came out pretty well.

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What was great about balls is that you enjoy the physics of bouncing balls running down the hill. Pyramid successfully replicated this feeling. While I bow down before all the hard work behind bunnies, I enjoy balls and pyramid more.

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Activity Score 7313

Cool. Colourful. Better than bunnies. Bravo.

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Activity Score 3045

An eyecandy indeed, but the music is not so nice. That's what I like about the bunnies, great music to complete a great commercial, and the different approach.

Not throwing colourful things down, well, whatever, and that's it.

But, as I already mentioned, I enjoy watching it.

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Activity Score 571

Beautiful. But next time, could u send in low-resolution?!?

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inigo montoya
Activity Score 10

i´m liked, look great, maibe to large.

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Please, learn some english first...

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Activity Score 78

low resolution! BAH! is great to see well this kind of ads!

Great job, i like a lot!

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Activity Score 3647

It would be lovely to work with that kind of a production budget. Nice translation Y&R.

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Advertising Pawn
Activity Score 419

The music is definitely less heady than Fallon's first two efforts to me (not a fan of the obvious Rolling Stones' track, even if it works great). The idea is great, but it looks like (?) they went heavier with the post-production retouching, which kinda breaks the feeling of the previous iterations. Great ad, though.


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Activity Score 313

The director didn't do such a great job and neither did the writer. I like the idea, or this form of the idea. But I felt it could have been better. But still good overall.

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Activity Score 1476

I am still NOT buying a Bravia.

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Activity Score 339

Amazing GOOD WORK GUYS.... its been done before but you really capture the local essence of egypt making it more sellable to local market great stuff...

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Activity Score 288

Look at all those credits. They should have used a track from Man Man or Gogo Bordello.

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Activity Score 504

I'm sure this is a rip off from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon album colour! Will there ever be an original Sony Bravia ad ever made? Perhaps the Council Block 'Paint explosion' ad was. 'Balls' and 'Rabbit' certainly wern't!

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Activity Score 105

you are an angry little man.

ps. dark side of the moon is a prism. not a pyramid.

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Activity Score 6

and he spells good too

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Activity Score 6

and he spells good too

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"I'm sure this is a rip off from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon album colour! Will there ever be an original Sony Bravia ad ever made? Perhaps the Council Block 'Paint explosion' ad was. 'Balls' and 'Rabbit' certainly wern't!"


Whatever… WHY is the internet full of whining PU$$IES? The "Rabbit" add had lots more than the bunnies - also they were not interacting with the people like the painting. F me - it was far more original than most adds.

As far as the "Balls" add was simply beautiful - i doubt they will ever top that one. This one is nice, but just not quite as good as that one.

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Sorry dont rate this one at all, just has nothing to capture your imagination like the 3 originals from fallon do.

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great ad !!
somebody knows what's the name of the music theme?

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Music is horrible for this add....

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Activity Score 100

hm... still no match for the original 3 bravia ads... even if i havent seen the original ads, i wouldnt really rate this one highly...

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Did anyone catch the ping pong ball SFX in the track? Rolls of thread...and then ping pong ball sound? Or was it tennis ball? Or just cut and paste from the original balls TVC?

Color. Color. Color. We get it. Next!

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Activity Score 15

I like the Bravia ads (although I was disappointed at the outright intellectual property theft of the 'Bunnies' ad) but this one left me a bit... bored. The music is wrong, the setting puzzles me, and it's fairly obvious it's all a big special effect. The genius of the balls advert was in the execution of a live event, not to mention the music.

Surely there's a way of hyping fantastic colour other than coloured things falling down other things?

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Activity Score 17214

Much better than the paint and rabbits
It looks a bit too fake and the music sucks.

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Activity Score 26

The Balls and the Rabbits are much more fun than this execution. The music does not fit the tone of the previous Bravia commercials. The Balls and the Play-Doh Rabbits have this childlike nostalgic quality that resonates more in me. Now, if I was a cat I might like this commercial more. Cats love thread and yarn. Maybe that is the connection. Egypt was once filled with Ailurophiles. Maybe this does hit the target market.

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Activity Score 209

Well done. Nice work.

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Activity Score 118

hahahahaha, i like this commercial a lot... and i think the music its great :D! regardless of the opinion of all the people here :P, anyone knows the track's name????

by the way, i think PAINT is the greatest of the four, i was expecting for paint to win grand prix in cannes.

(miguelandréscortés / Art Director / Leo Burnett Colombiana)

(miguelandréscortés / Graphic Creative / Y&R)

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Prakash Jayasha...
Activity Score 85

..beautiful way of showing colors great work


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Guest commenter

Why does everyone hate the music? I think it's great and it fits perfectly.

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Activity Score 12

designed in singapore $@#$()@#$(*(#$#@()$
What Kiasu's!!
For non asians, kiasu means "i must always win"..

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The ad is good, the music is ok. Everybody has different tastes.

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Activity Score 97

it is not so strong like others campaigns about human traffic and in my opinion, isn't so creative...

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Activity Score 22

Certainly one of the best ads Sony has produced.