Prime Sports: Hakan

This ad tell the story of Hakan, a Turkish hairdresser living in Antwerp Belgium, who claims that he's the one who invented all the infamous hairstyles of the last years. He claims that Messi, Kaka, Lampard, Beckham all visited his hairsalon.... oh, and Ronaldo too off course! This is story of grabbing your chances. Prime Sports - Cut Out for Top-class football.

Producer: Sofie Gebruers
Director: Hans Vercauter
Copywriter: Johan Dirkx


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What a story. I love it. Halfway I almost forgot that I was watching this on an advertising blog.

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Not sure I get it but it's absolutely brilliant - excellent cast, direction and acting.

abake's picture
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As a piece of entertainment it's fantastic, but I'm not sure it makes me want to get whatever it is they're advertising... a sports channel, is it? Maybe for those who know it in the Netherlands it is more effective?

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It's from Belgium, we also speak Dutch.. I haven't seen it on tv yet, but I think it's pretty good..

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What´s so nice about this ad? No idea.

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I like it.

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Ron Burgundy
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What an example of digging deep into something

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So last year. But with a Turk instead of a Russian.

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