Premier Protein: Office

Advertising Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, USA
Executive Creative Director: Paul Venables
Executive Creative Director Director: Brien Holman
Executive Creative Director: Jayson Whitmore
Executive Creative Director: Will McGinness
Creative Director: Tyler Hampton
Art Director: Matt Keats
Copywriter: Matt Miller
Agency Producer: DP Odishoo
Agency Business Manager: Sametta Gbilia
Post Production Company: Royale
Executive Producer / Managing Director / Partner: Jennifer Lucero
Executive Producer: Chris Volckmann
Art Director: Andy Lyon
Designers: Belinda Rodriguez, Renzo Reyes, Alex Amezcua
Character Designers: Tuna Bora
Character Modeler: Brandon Perlow
Character Rigger: Lee Wolland
3D Animators: James Lane, Tyler Lancaster, James Parris, Richard DeForno
3D Lighting: Juan Carlos Cuadra, Dan Blank
Compositors: Renzo Reyes, Brinton Jaecks
Head of Production: Melissa Johnson
Producer: Karla Fay Sylvester
Coordinator: Jack Arnold

April 2014


kuroro75's picture
153 pencils

no concept

In good ads we trust

kleenex's picture
41102 pencils

not bad, but not perfect as well.

sacrilegend's picture
3331 pencils

This is very poor. Reads like an infomercial written for children. Maybe that's the audience (unlikely, given all of the business-oriented stuff this claybomination was doing), but this does not look like work that warrants 20+ names to the bill.

Austin Video Production's picture
Austin Video Pr...
1274 pencils

It's okay. It needed a little something more.

Pete R.'s picture
Pete R.
3226 pencils

It's good, but needs a stronger idea perhaps.

Art & Illustration

Digitalchica's picture
18 pencils

I think it's cute ... In regards to it being better... Well, everything on earth and in the sky could be better. Negative comments without constructive input is SOoOOoOoOoO! Unnecessary!!!

... Girls Do Design ...

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