POWA: Rape Crisis

Advertising Agency: Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Livio Tronchin
Art Director: Carl Willoughby
Copywriter: Ross Chowles
Production Company: Sub urban, Johannesburg, South Africa
Production Company Website: www.suburban.tv
Production Company Creatives: Damion Swan, Candice Moir, Brennan Lewis
Aired: November 2007


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iT-iS-i, like an upside down ! mark.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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To put it in context there's a massive "Proudly South African" campaign that's been running in South Africa. SA brands put the "proudly South African" mark on advertising to show they're...er...proudly south African. The proudly SA logo, is based on the south african flag.

So i guess this is kind of playing on that.

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I see how they were trying to be "informal" and "approachable" but including that word "Guys...." was just clunky. Threw me off a bit.

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drunk dave
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What a piece of shit advertising. Are we trying to do a Charlize Theron rape ad? And even that sucked! Celebrity guilt ads have to be done properly and not a rush job as this obviously was.

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andrej dwin
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absolutely love the emotional level on which it operates.
most anti-rape ads are nice creative, but never stand a change of having an impact. this one is different.

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Bad taste.

Rapists are not to be talked to. They are to be punished.
You don't say "no-no, let's stop this."

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Bad taste. Bad Director. Bad ad. Sorry guys.

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not that bad.

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Um, what? This ad incriminates all men. "I am not proud to be a South African Man?" Bomb.

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I would have cut the speech with this: "How can I be? When every year we rape 500.000 women." The other part is unnecessary.

I think it isn´t THAT bad. Its OK.

I hope that guy is famous in South Africa, that would be better.

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