Birthday Roar

October 2013
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Porsche 911 has been known for its distinctive car body design and perfect engine, but the 911 has more to offer than power alone. It owns one of the most exciting engine sounds in the history of sports cars. To celebrate the 50th anniversary, we created an interactive online film as a tribute to the legendary sports car. The 7 notes in the music represent the evolution of the 7 generations of 911.

The Gaming experience:
Demo Video:

Advertising Agency: Fred & Farid, Shanghai, China

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This commercial for Porsche’s 50th anniversary show off the traits of the high-powered sports car but also ads in other more artistic features. Throughout the ad, the sound of each Porsche is connected to a musical beat, do-re-me-fa-so. This shows the audience that the sound of the engine is more like a singer rather than a car. Many people associate such musical bets with tenors, which are the highest quality singers. I believe they are trying to make this connection between the quality of the car and this music.
The action shots of the cars throughout the ad show the immense power, handling and straight-line speed that all of the Porsche models have had. I believe they are concentrating on the quality aspect of the vehicle’s, as the brand is very expensive.
The motions that are carried out by the cars create an element of excitement that intends to attract people who are adventurous yet want a good quality of vehicle that is practical.

Sean Collins