POMx: Bedroom

Advertising Agency: Fire Station
Art Director: William Kauker
Copywriter: Kim Genkinger
Creative Director: Liz Leow
Producers: Julie Fields, Tim Munday
Production Co: DUCK, LA
Directors: Docter Twins
DP: Simon Thirlaway
Executive Producer: Mark Medernach
Producer: Stephan Mohammad
VFX Company: DUCK, LA
VFX/Animation: Lane & Jan
Post Producer: Daniel Ridgers
Editorial Co: DUCK, LA
Editor: Jason Dopko
Aired: October 2008


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Guest commenter

Fucking Flash...

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999 pencils

back to quicktime IVAN!!!!!!!!!

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It's not the Flash, it's the speed of the video server. Quicktime would be equally slow. We're upgrading the video server, so it works fast and smooth. Sorry guys!

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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At least quicktime can pause the frickin movie properly.

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Maximum wakey-wakedness. What the flock?

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Crisp One
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ok the flock line is lame after i heard it a second time.

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Guest commenter

hi. i miss quicktime - could download and save the ads on my computer. any way in which one can download flash files on an apple to view later?

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Guest commenter

hi. i miss quicktime - could download the ads and watch them later. is there any way to save flash files on an apple? thanks.

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Oh man, adding stupid characters to the POM brand. I hope the rest of the products don't go down this path.

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