Playstation 3: Slingshot

Advertising Agency: Diagonal, Mexico D.F., Mexico
General Manager: Diego Gonzalez
Creative Director: Jaime Brash
Art Director: Anahi Siliceo
Copywriter: Ivan Alcocer
Agency Producer: Virgilio deMier
Production House: Metro producciones
Director: Alejandro Barbabosa
Director of Photography: Federico Barbabosa
Production House Producer: Angelica de Leon
Post production: White Rabbit
Music: Prado Sur, Audio
Client Services: Sandra Sahagun, Gaby Carrera
Aired: November 2009


Ya's picture
161 pencils

very very old approach

federo's picture
781 pencils

OH C´MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you had the chance to work for ps3 and you wrote this incredibly old ad????????

you had the chance to create a new cosmos! to talk about things and magic and worlds laying inside and the
only stuff you have to offer is that?????

I can´t believe the opportunity you´ve missed
I´m so angry

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6996 pencils

I like to see things being destroyed. And what? Since when is the PS3 sold because of the fact you can share photos, music and watch movies? It's all about games. So, not really such an amazing ad for me.

silvi's picture
4172 pencils

"Simplemente lo hace todo?" Hubiera probado otra idea. Y pobre viejita a la que le rompen la ventana. Eso no se hace.

satrianee's picture
3748 pencils

Very good and right approach... You can pay that much money on this console, cause it's not just for playing games. It's a whole media. Smart.

federo's picture
781 pencils

is JUST for playing new, exciting unique and powerful games. that´s the goal of PS3.

that´s the HUGE difference between PS3 and a PC.

the whole media is a little detail

Chrisdomination's picture
16 pencils

Old Idea. Too old. WTF with this? Shame on you guys

Brain-Art's picture
1101 pencils

Ahora tengo un PS3, f**k everything else, destruiré todo, inclusive el TV y el PC para jugar. WTF?

EtSi's picture
10 pencils

A great Ad, i love it !

EtSi's picture
10 pencils

A great Ad, i love it !

Chrisdomination's picture
16 pencils

Really EtSi, I think it`s your work. Send it to Cannes and watch what happens.

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