PlayStation 3/ Motorstorm 2: Jump

Advertising Agency: Deutsch
Production: Aero Films
Director: Klaus Obermeyer
EP: Lance O'Connor
Post/VFX: Eight VFX
VFX Supervisor: Jean-Marc Demmer
VFX EP: Baptiste Andrieux
VFX Producer: Marsi Frey
VFX AD: Yann Mallard
Head of CG: Fred Hopp
Animator: Yvain Gnabro
CG artists: Shuichi Nakahara, Mathias Jourdes, Chien-I Kao, Julien Forest
Compositors: Nicolas Cadorette Vigneau, Joe Chiao
Aired: October 2008


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What an amazing spot, and the band Gogol Bordello (legendary gypsy punk from NYC) matches the ad PERFERCTLY

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i want that music... anybody knows that band please?

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Gogol Bordello: Wanderlust King

There is also a really good documentary on them

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Alejandro Wunderlich
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Yep, loved this. It was originally made to Hotel Yorba by The White Stripes but I guess licensing was too expensive because it got changed to this at the last minute. Thought this was loads better than the EU campaign, shame Sony didn't use it in PAL territories too.

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