Playboy: Receptionist

Advertising Agency: Grey, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Pablo Gil, Sebastián Garín
Creative Directors: Diego Rubio
Art Directors: Diego Rubio
Copywriters: Coco Olivera
Director: Riki Saul

March 2010


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the best from the 3. good performance of the actor, but overall concept is just poor in my opinion

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Alexandre Brito
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i don't understand the critics that series get. it's not a playboy ad... (fortunately playboy does not need that)

this aims to get attention of beautiful girls with weak working skills. i think they are just ok. (is this done for Brezilian beauties too?)

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Firstly, these ad's are obviously directed at a different market. What works for north americans is different than what would work in other parts of the world so to say that this is a bad concept without intimate knowledge of the target market is probably premature judgement.
I think the interesting thing with this ad is the campaign slogan at the end "strip as a receptionist, dress as a playboy". If you're chosen to be a playboy you're no longer a receptionist who strips on the side, you're a playboy who is dresses (strips) for work.

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Xcreativity as you might know already this won at cannes and personally i think the concept is fantastic! is the perfect approach for the average women who intends to be a playmate. Also i invite you to read the case for this campaign. But overall i invite you to stop posting pointless comments.

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