Plane Stupid: Polar bear

We wanted to confront people with the impact that short-haul flights have on the climate. We used Polar Bears because they're a well understood symbol of the effect that climate change is having on the natural world.


Advertising Agency: Mother, UK
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Producer: Johnnie Frankel
Editor: Adam Spivey @ The Quarry
Post-production: MPC
Sound Design and Audio Post Production: Anthony Moore @ Factory
Cinema Mix: Anthony Moore @ Factory & Andy Humphreys@ 750mph
Exposure: Cinema, Online

November 2009


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good execution

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It's a new way to communicate on this subject. It's hard but I like.

Inspiration graphique et publicité créative : Publiz

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Holy crap !!
Hard hitting, but faultless.

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Faultless? Exactly how is MISINFORMATION faultless? Their misinformation was 100% wrong, and thus was faultless in its egregious errors?

Polar Bears are NOT dying because of Anthropgenic Climate Change, because Anthropogenic Climate Change does not exist. The ice pack is growing not shrinking, although certain areas of the ice pack are shrinking other areas are growing at a faster rate thus ending up with more ice pack overall.

The global temperature has been steady or decreasing for about 10 years, despite groups like the Climate Research Unit (now 100% proven to be LIARS who would deliberately cause harm to other scientists if they dared to publish papers against climate change Hype, and who deliberately with-held data so that their collective data would show the temperature was going up even though it was not) faking data to make it look like the temperature had been going up every year.

One thing many Climate Change fanatics fail to consider is the correlation between sunspot activity and the global temperature. Another is that the data is very clear that the CO2 levels increase about 800 YEARS after the global temperature increases and this has occured consistently throughout history as has been documented scientifically. If the CO2 levels increase significantly thousands of years ago and did so roughly 800 years AFTER the temperature went up - BUT Mankind had not yet started the industrial revolution and thus had not begun generating large amounts of CO2 gasses and other gasses. Climate Change proponents CANNOT show legitimate data proving that increased CO2 levels in the aatmosphere in fact increase the global temperature. IT is only a HYPOTHESIS based on a Computer MODEL (aka computer PROGRAM that was written to PROVE Climate Change exists). The computer model is flawed at its very core, but that notwithstanding the temperature data does not correlate to the computer model.

The list of reasons that Anthropogenic (mankind caused) Climate Change (ACC) is a HOAX is very long, but i have included several of the key points here that should be enough to get you thinking about the issue and hopefully enlighten you to the point that you realize that you have been supporting a HOAX and donating to a HOAX and promoting that HOAX.

I have read posts elsewhere that cited that because 3,000 scientists agree completely on the subject of ACC, it is settled and is a consensus. How can it be settled or a consensus when there are TEN TIMES that many scientists that are on record OPPOSING ACC??? 30,000+ scientists have publicly stated that ACC is NOT a proven HYPOTHESIS (aka THEORY) and thus cannot be promoted as such.

Things such as "An Inconvenient Truth" have been proven to be HOAXES as well, and now it is being discussed whether AlGore should be STRIPPED of his Academy Award that he received in the USA for his movie (alleged to be, but is not really a "documentary). He should also be stripped of his nobel peace prize, because he has done nothing but MISLEAD the world population intentionally, and earned MILLIONS of dollars for all of those speeches he made as well as the investments he made in "alternative energy" companies that increased in value DRAMATICALLY as a direct result of his promotion of ACC worldwide! That is not only UNethical, but is also outright FRAUD and he as well as all of the CRU that were involved in the coverup and misinformation etc scandal there shoul all be tried for FRAUD in their home countries to set an example and to prevent this mess from occuring again.

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2thumbs up!

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opposite of u
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great execution

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Harsh!!! but nice and tooo strong. and beautiful too.
the detailed hitting on the edges were terribly intense.

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Jaap Grolleman
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smart and what a great brandname "planestupid"

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Yes. We should all give up flying, and bow down to the Gods of shock/schmaltz.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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good production, more than idea

well, another reason of global warming, i dont know it

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i love it ,,especially the falling man reference

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i don't really see the link beetween 400Kg of Gas and 400kg of bear...i understand quite cleary that they want to say that planes gases are bad for the environnement but the way they justify it seems strechy (which deserves the message).

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Nobody can ignore this ad. I love execution. Great.

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I just hope no eskimos get pissed with these ads.

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i will never wanna watch again......good execution, bad impact on brand

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what? ah seriously are ye all mad, it´s dire rubbish. Polar bears smashing off buildings, blood stained? and the fact is so random, really that moves you? just think the execution is hilarious. Don't get me wrong it's well done it's just wrong. it doesn't make me want to find out more. i´ve always thought not seeing the impact is more powerfull in the mind. It leaves me cold. it's like a scene from jurassic park. sorry the entire team are way better than this execution.

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the wrongness is what they were going for.... and jurassic park did make you scared of dinosaurs didnt it


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This is just plain ridiculous. This kind of apocalyptic crap is the reason people are becoming more and more skeptical about climate change.

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very good one!

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who ever thought that seeing polar bears falling out of the sky would be so attention grabbing. sheer awesome


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My God !!!... Great but i don't know if polar bears falling out of the sky it's the best way of showing... i guess i missed the real conection in the message

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wow. the execution is flawless. message should be a bit more in-your-face though (i mean the written part - flying kills nature)

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amazing.. most impactful film ive seen in long time.. wow. 10

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The execution is flawless coz the director is a genius. however this is one script he should have passed on. jurassic park didn't scare me and neither does this ad. seriously i can't believe how many people like it. The post is first class but honestly I thought up until the end it was one of the funniest ads i'd ever seen. and then it starts rambling something like... if a car uses petrol and the fumes go into the sky then you may have lots of rain and then the rain gives you flooding and then big fish swim around eating children in smawpy villages. ah c'mon.

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bad astronaut
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Over think much, maybe thats why you're in the minority?

The ad is memorable and it will shock some of the audience into memorizing what the point is. It works for me, and it's less offensive than when DDB Brazil did that 9/11 WWF scam commercial.

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Wogh! Execution hits directly... Amazingly Great.

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I think this is awful. NOBODY wants to see gory images of polar bears smashing to the floor. Thanks but no thanks.
There are better, much more refined ways to get the message across, the visual rape is just unnecessary. And overdone. And ineffective.

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bad astronaut
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People who talk about "NOBODY" like it actually means anything needs to realize that there is always an audience for something.

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So it's Mother UK, why is it shot in the U.S? It's about European flights... again why the U.S. car and setting. Dumb.

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good execution, hard to ignore the message. i like it!

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Cheaply shocking.

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Absolutely love it.

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