Pizza Pop: Monkeys

Advertising Agency: Cossette Communications, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Peter Breton, Dave Douglass
Art Director: Colin Brown
Copywriter: Tom Greco
Producer: Leanne McLellan
Production Company: Holiday Films, Toronto
Director: Scott Corbett
Executive Producer: Josefina Nadurata
Producer: Gillian Gardner
Director of Photography: Jeff Venditti
Editorial: David Baxter, Panic & Bob, Toronto
Music and Sound Design: Rocco Gagliese, Eggplant, Toronto
Visual Effects: Andrew Hobbs, Amigo, Toronto

February 2009


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john doe
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besides these are funny,
it is pretty disgusting.

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Put a monkey in a commercial and it can't go wrong ;-)

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sorry but in my opinion i don´t like it

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You know what opinions are like? And everyone has one...

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funny. like it.

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I fail to see what is so funny. First, what kind of moron is eating in a room full of filthy monkeys? Second, why would he just sit in the corner like a traumatized little girl after the explosion? It isn't clever or even remotely humorous. I hate every single one of these pizza pop ads. Nothing more than contrived, illogical scenarios to show off how much filling they have. I would be more inclined to buy them if they simply told me it was really f*cking good. However, I suppose people who actually buy pizza pops are stupid enough to think that stuff blowing up = funny = me want go buy pizza pops now. So I guess by that rationale it's really a fantastically good ad.

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It's cute and funny. But the best of the lot is still Robot.

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like these nuts?

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like these nuts?

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Looks like Sharon Tate's living room.

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this campaign is f***ing awesome! love it

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
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I really don't give a rat's ass who wins what at awards shows any more, but I really hope these spots win big time!! And I get the sense they will...

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wowww i love it !!

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Let me ask you a question... How old are you? If you're answer is anything above 25 then of course you're not gonna like it. I, personally don't like the ad much but I think it's spot-on for its target market. 12-18 year old kids that love video games, quirky humour, and are still trying to express themselves in ways you will never understand. You're simply not the TM and that's why you don't like it and don't understand it. For me, I can see my nephew laughing his ass off at one of these ads and you know what... Next time mommy's running to the grocery store, he's gonna remember how that ad made him feel. So when mommy says, "honey, anything special you want for your friday treat?" He's gonna scream, "PIzza Pops!"

Other than that, this ad is targeting pot smoking teenagers and late night drinkers who just love that fast and tasty, no frills treat. It's simple and stupid humour. and you know what, it works! Kudos to the client for having the balls to do something completely different.

I think you've judged too quickly without asking yourself necessary questions.

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