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Orangutan mom killers!!!

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nice spot.

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¡Sobrado! ¿Pero qué más puede uno decir cuando P&G acierta?

Andrés Téllez V.

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It's very emotive, that is a fact... but before to seeing the Greenpeace commercial, no thanks, i will not buy them anymore.

Puppa Careaga

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long but didn't feel long. very good. now I think I have something in my eye.

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I think that this was a great commercial for many reasons. One, it told a story that most anyone can relate to. I know that as an athlete myself I know how many times I failed before I got where I wanted in life. This ad really takes a look at how far these athletes have come in order to make it to the Olympics. I think another reason I really loved it so much was because it really pulled at my heartstrings. Seeing the love, disappointment and joy of the moms through every phase of the advertisement made me want to call up my own mom and thank her for always being such a big supporter. I also think that it was really smart of them to release this ad at the time they did. Mothers day is when we all are supposed to take thanks for all the ups and downs our mothers have been to and I know my mom would appreciate seeing that commercial just as much as I enjoyed watching it. Another really great planning strategy that they used is placing their products into the ad but not drawing attention to that. For example, at the beginning, you can see the diapers in the back or on the kids but it never draws away from the story telling that is meant to be the most important part. Altogether I really enjoyed this ad. It's definitely something that I will remember for awhile and would want to share with others!

Kelly Condon

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