Peugeot: Alchemy

The new Peugeot campaign is a spectacular take on the symbols that make it unique: its knack for combining universes, intertwining ideas and blending technologies to craft a new automobile “answer”. This 60-second film is powerful, utterly up-to-the-minute, and ultimately a simple and original creative idea: it is about automobile innovation, engineering and expertise, and about inspiration and Peugeot’s distinctive combination of high standards and emotion. Created by the Parisian agency BETC Euro RSCG, and directed by Michael Gracey (evian Rollerbabies and T- Mobile Dance).

Advertising Agency: BETC EURO RSCG, France
Creative Directors: Rémi Babinet, Anne Cecile Tauleigne
MD TV Department: Fabrice Brovelli
TV Producer: Solene Frank
Production Company: Partizan Midi Minuit
Director: Michael Gracey
Music: “Tonight” by Yuksek
Editors: All you need songs, Savoir Faire
Producer: Has been, Barclay, Universal
Composer: P.A Busson
Sound Production: BETC Music
Sound Design: Fabrice Brovelli & Christophe Caurret
Post Production Company: Mikros image
SFX Supervisor: Julien Meesters

February 2010


brandingworthspreading's picture
648 pencils

It transmits the message spectacularily. Amazing production. It refreshes the brand to an exciting level.

michdec's picture
440 pencils

Cool as shit!

miko1aj's picture
3086 pencils

accident crash? No – I don't think so. Flying particles in the air is no breakthrough.

shahidali's picture
4069 pencils

rich expensive garbage


ivan's picture

When commenting please acknowledge the following guidelines: Be respectful and helpful.

shahidali's picture
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hi ivan, thanks for your note. i don't think i was being disrespectful or harsh. i found the whole thing to be more of a caricature of color and animation not pertaining to the brand. rich because this particular animation is not anybody's job, its exclusive; and garbage because to me, it doesn't pertain to the brand's elements. i made my comment on synopsis and thats not unusual, i presume. may be i need to read more comments on the site ane be less predujiced:-)


ivan's picture

Thanks for the explanation! No worries.

Brain-Art's picture
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Great production... it works

Gualcor's picture
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Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. 1 shot 1 kill, not luck, just skill.

quokkies's picture
253 pencils

The idea is good, but the execution is bad, it's made me thinking about accidents.
Make me scare.....
I think, we can find out another way to express the link story from the first Peugeot product
to the 2010 car.

TheKid's picture
184 pencils

Very nice ad. Takes you on a ride and you always want to see what's coming next. Motion & emotion tick

kagzmainah's picture
631 pencils

love it!
music is great too!

Axl's picture
266 pencils

This ad is pretty nice, well executed. It refresh the brand, and i like the link between the past, the present and the futur of Peugeot!
Scuse my english

Mandark's picture
407 pencils

I LOVE IT!! fun and entertainig. but the entire impression got smashed with that last car. WTH was that??!!

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

Bea's picture
95 pencils

holy crap thats freakin insane!! My head is permanently dislodged form my body- WOWZA!!
Well done!

cruzialx's picture
194 pencils

Evolving. Great work

Viranica's picture
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Super cool!

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