PETA: Jason Biggs Loves SeaWorld So Much! He Just Loves It!


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Did PETA make this monstrosity in-house or was some agency forced to do it? Yeah, I get the "Sea World is bad" message, but the actual information is buried under the bad attempt at humor.

Even if they ended it with some kinda end cap like, "Ever year, Sea World executes 100 orcas...blah blah" it could have wrapped up the story.

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Jason Biggs isn't funny and neither is this. It's so contrived, doesn't tell any story and leaves me feeling more animosity towards Biggs than Seaworld. Agree with Pedestrian, it needs a pay off line.

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Pete R.
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The acting is pretty bad which is surprising from Jason.

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Stick to pies Jason Biggs...

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