Pepsi: The Journey to Refresh

Advertising Agency: BBDO, China
Chief Creative Officer: WF Leong
Executive Creative Director: Andrew Lok
Creative Directors: Andrew Lok, Yohan Si
Art Directors: Zuki Shen, Nicole Ma, David Tsui, Andrew Lok
Writers: Nicole Ma, Zuki Shen, David Tsui, Andrew Lok
Client Servicing: Tze Kiat Tan, Fiona Lam, Juu Ann Chan, Scarlett Xi
Agency Producers: Hon Foong Woo, Desmond Loh
Director: David Tsui
Cinematographer: Tapu Chen
Assistant Director: Tiger Zhao
Producers: Jenny Lee, Christine Ip
Production Art Director: Kin Ho Wong
Stunt Director: Chi Wah Ling
Dance Choreographer: Sunny Wong
Editor: Adrian Brady
Special Effects: Kenneth Chung
Colourist: Kwok Choi Chan
Music Composer : Eddie Chung
Sound Design: Drum Hong Kong
Client Executives: Richard Li, Chris Tung, Fion Li


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Wow I'm not exactly sure whats going on here, but I think I like it. I could have used more GIANT SCORPIONS and a MEGA SHARK though.

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The chinese ads seem to be made on another planet ...

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"The chinese ads seem to be made on another planet ..."

ehehehhee I agree!

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Althogh I'm from China and I know this is inspired from the "A Journey to the West" (a great classical Chinese novel), the chapter of Fiery Mountains, I don't like this ad. No meaning, just show these stars in the circle of entertainment, maybe my little sister will like this.

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I've read "Journey" in my childhood and even for a moment thought about this book watching this TERRIBLE commercial. I can't look at it as a ironic cliche. It look rather like stupid american cartoon made real. But it suits pepsi.

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that made my brain hurt.

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i think the problem might be cultural differences... who knows...

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agree. I think it just lauch in china

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Jaap Grolleman
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Haha I liked it. Doesn't mean it's good but I liked it ;D

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What the hell? Haha!

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pepsi would never make it

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It's so funny the quality of work that goes out in China sometimes. I work here and I love it, but this really horrible.

I imagine the budget was massive as well.

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i get shivers if i think of watching chinese commercial breaks...

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total fail ....wow!

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bbdo shanghai is just a shit !
what a pity

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hero china
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what the fuck?! if this is self-referential and makes fun of chinese action movies and ads, this might be funny. but i think they are serious about this one :D

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Maybe it's not so creative,but i believe they make efforts to make the ad .
Peple see the ad on TV will be attracted,so the ad works.Isnt't that?

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oh god, did she just call that guy with the boy band hair, 'master'? >.<

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