Pepsi: Sleepover

Advertising Agency: BBDO Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Ian MacKellar
Art Director: Andrew Hart
Copywriter: Adam Bailey
Producer: Angela Carrol
Production Company: Partners Film, Toronto
Director: Joachim Back
Executive Producer: Gigi Realini
Producer: Albert Botha
Director of Photography: Jim Frohna
Editorial: Griff Henderson, School Editing, Toronto
Music / Sound Design: Hilary Albers, Ricochet, Toronto

February 2009


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This ad is nonsense. You show a guy having what seems like a blast, and then have him say he would prefer to have a shitty can of coke?
Thumbs down.

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they're not having a blast at all... that's the whole point. Figure out before you comment.

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Since you HAVE figured it out, perhaps you could explain why you get the impression that they AREN'T having a blast. I couldn't see any reason other than the guy got hit in the face with a pillow. It's textbook sleepover fun, isn't it? Or perhaps fun is just a silly, meaningless illusion of childhood. I suppose when we all grow up the true meaning of fun evolves into drinking Diet Pepsi.

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all balls, no brains. gets good attention though.

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john doe
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quite funny.

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I like it. An ad doesn't necessarily need to make sense to have an impact, in my opinion. If the promoted product stands out and is perceived, this is what matters.

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I hate spec
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What's the name of that song? Who's the band? It's driving me crazy. I used to dance to it.

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