Pepsi: Santa Dancing


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Didn't need to show the competitive product.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Funny concept, but those Mexican Coke bottles looked so enticing compared to the cans of Pepsi. Fail.

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Danza? Brazil?

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This is my number one complaint about pepsi ads, they always feel the need to take a shit all over coke. If your product is so great, why do you need to put your competitor down? It feels like a cheap shot to me.

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It is a good cheap shot imo...

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It is a good cheap shot imo...

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You must be equally angry at Apple......

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I use Apple computers, but you're right. I really don't like the "I'm a Mac" campaign.

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wow is this bad.

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now wait for Coca Cola answer...

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AT LAST some corner of the world had the cojones to do this. Totally smart way to subvert the uncopyrightable image of Santa, one of the reasons Coke claimed it in the first place. This has inevitable all over its deliciousness. That said, we should all be aware of the backroom on this. If this goes its viral 'will they won't they' way, the tired Cola Wars will return, both players will win and we, the consumer.... oh hang on, we're in advertising...

Solid Work.

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Funny, but it also positions Pepsi as a follower who tries to steal some of the glory from Coca-Cola.

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i can't believe on how BAAAAAD it is. On every level including so NAIVE idea. It's only a fancy of a marketing dept. and nothing more. Pepsi has been killed by stupid brand building, or rather insanely bad advertising for DECADES. Now it is just crappy as the product itself, so maybe it suits. I'm not a fan of Coke, as I don't drink such beverages, but Coca Cola has builded a BRAND, style, vitality and philosophy. All that Pepsi has is stupid, schoolish jokes. What a shallowness.

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nothing great...

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Even Santa, knows what's hype...! Pepsi...!

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