Pepsi MAX: Uncle Drew

Advertising Agency: Davie Brown Entertainment, USA
Creative Director: Marc Gilbar
Production: Minus L
DP: Brian Thomas
Line Producer: Angie Revell
Editorial: RPS
Editor: Damion Clayton
EP: Carol Lynn Weaver
Audio Post: Heard City
Mixers: Philip Loeb, Evan Mangiamele
Music: Beacon Street Studios
Special Effects Makeup: Ed French
Assistant Make-up: Sue Lee
Aired: June 2012


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Awesome, but i think its fake, so many people drinking pepsi in a game, gatorade is better, isn't?

Working at, a brazilian digital agency.

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wow this is sooooo awesome!!!!

groovy baby!

kleenex's picture
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not bad.

badhops's picture
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Just a bit racist.

andylefty's picture
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That's quite a claim. Explain.

chuckieT's picture
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It says, "A zero calorie cola in disguise" at the end.

You think a zero calorie is going to be awful, the same way old people are awful at everything, but then it ends up being good.

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@chuckieT - thanks so much. I'm sure the agency feels secure now that their creativity has been validated by a junior retail hack.

badhops's picture
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Well, in the 15 and 30 second spots, when there is more of a focus on Uncle Drew as a character, we are supposed to laugh at how stereotypically black Uncle Drew is. I don't find it funny. It's racist in the same way that Traci Jordan of 30 Rock or J B Smoove from Curb Your Enthusiasm is racist. I know that's the shtick of those comedians, but it's not funny. If Uncle Drew was a stereotypical Jewish man, or Muslim man I don't think that people would enjoy this spot as much.

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