January 2016

Penningtons: Yoga


Film advertisment created by Lg2, Canada for Penningtons, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: lg2, Canada
Creative Director: François Sauvé
Creatives: Marie-Eve Leclerc-Dion, Valérie Wells
Strategic planning: Anne-Marie Leclair, Sabrina Côté
Account: Martine Grégoire, Marie-Eve Despars
Agency Producer: Julie Lorazo
Director: Raphaël Ouellet
DOP: Ronald Plante
Producer: Frédérick Quintal / La Cavalerie
Post production: Studio Élément
Music: Circonflex
Editor: Olivier Binette

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andreaivins's picture
Activity Score 3

I need to get the track to this wonderful ad!
How can I purchase this song for use at my gym?

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 45966

Not bad.

CrackerJackWorks's picture
Activity Score 19405

Beautifully executed

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Activity Score 9585


Phillhb's picture
Activity Score 254

Are they just selling Yoga stuff? Why should they be limited to just Yoga? - look at "This girl can" or the "Nike find your greatness" - i.e how it's different for all people. To Narrow it down to Yoga is overly simplistic i feel.

lauriebeans's picture
Activity Score 2

I don't get it. Who (besides this ad) has said those things about plus sized women doing yoga?

arie5's picture
Activity Score 3

This seems to be a straw man argument. I started teaching yoga in the 80s, I started doing yoga considerably before that. I have never heard anyone say they were uncomfortable, nor have I seen anyone act uncomfortable in a yoga space around larger bodied people. The teachers I know are universally welcoming. In fact I have taken training specific to working with the unique needs of this group.... teachers take lots of training to help meet the unique needs of the individual who steps on the mat in their class. I think she is lovely and all, but I think the ad is pandering and insulting to those of us who practice yoga seriously.

tyoga's picture
Activity Score 2

I don't get the ad either but I do think it is very empowering for many many people. It's so beautiful and authentic and well done:) How can you not love it!!

andreaivins's picture
Activity Score 3

I need to get the track to this wonderful ad!
How can I purchase this song for use at my gym?

KoiQ's picture
Activity Score 54

Fetishising obesity, or treating it like anything other than a health issue, or something to be proud of is disgusting.

The worst part is this ad probably sold a lot of product to the kinds of people who weigh 450 Lbs but think that they can do the stuff in this ad despite being obese. In that respect is it a very successful ad, but the premise is disgusting.

cognitive's picture
Activity Score 167

Awesome ad, love the beat drop halfway through. Even if they started it with the straw man argument, it ultimately does it's job in empowering and motivating its audience.