Paso de los Toros: One for each other

Advertising Agency: BBDO Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen / Rodrigo Grau
Creative Directors: Gabriel Huici / Jorge Ponce Betti
Art director: Gabriel Huici
Copywriter: Jorge Ponce Betti
Account Director: Daniel Albamonte
Account Executive: Cecilia Pacifico
Planning: Florencia Leonetti
Head of Production: Verónica Zeta
Producer: Jimena Oliva
Production company: Landia
Director: Matías Moltrasio
Editor: Tomas Elizondo
Post production company: Reino Buenos Aires
Sound: La Casa Post
Music: Animal Music
Advertisers’ supervisors: Federico Bluthgen, Santiago Murray, Soledad Azarloza

February 2010


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Very nice one.



xcreativity's picture
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I think it's a good idea, but at some point they complicated what should be simple, in my opinion.
good ad overall.

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Alexandre Brito
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picopalqlea's picture
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fucking flash... its so annoying.

lucdesaulniers's picture
1145 pencils


Micky_g's picture
181 pencils

Cute and funny

picopalqlea's picture
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Ivan, with all do respect, Please, Im really grateful for the job you've been done with this site. Congrats and Thank you VERY much in behalf of the ones we love good advertising and great design.
And as a simple question and suggestion, Please in the Name of God, Why its so hard to leave the quicktime player as your main player for the site and leave the annoying flash player as an option? flash is good but not reliable, it only works 70% of the time with out restarting the bloody browser and worse case scenario restarting the computer.
Would you please consider this change?

Thank you.

lucdesaulniers's picture
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Got my vote. Out with flash on this site and all sites. Would be so nice to watch n my iPhone

sipenuliskopi's picture
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Mine too. Pretty please, Ivan?

picopalqlea's picture
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Ivan, Why you're not listening?

ivan's picture

The quicktime option is right there just a click away. You can decide how you want to watch Flash or QT. I'll try to make the player better.

QuickTime has it's problems too. HTML5 will solve all this. But it's not yet supported by all browsers.

shitix-'s picture
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I'm so jealous.

Dzsoi's picture
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I can't see the end of the video it jumps back to the beginning :(

quokkies's picture
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Nice actor and actress. Good idea, but I can't see the end. Good job, well done.

hagemony's picture
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me too...can't see the end. nice song indeed.

AssassinX's picture
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I really like it. Although the ideas are not totally fresh.

Brain-Art's picture
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Great... Congrats !!!

julian84's picture
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the first ad was absolutely brilliant and the pay off was way much better, basically it was a bit more simplified. Despite the great insight they found here, this particular ad turns out to be a bit anoying!

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