Parkinson Vereniging NL: Worst Harlem Shake Ever

The Harlem Shake became a global Internet hype in no-time. Millions participated. They danced the Harlem Shake like they lost control of their body for a moment. There’s no message behind it, it’s just plain fun to watch. But we do have a clear message: Parkinson’s patients lose control over their bodies, forever. There’s no acting in this film. De main character, a Parkinson’s patient (and the chairman of the foundation), is shown shaking out of control as a result of lack of his medication. Shaking. Fun for some… Daily struggle for others.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Maarten Dobbelaar, Rick Coolegem
Art Directors: Maarten Dobbelaar, Tim ten Dam
Copywriters: Rick Coolegem, Jan Bosch
Camera: Bycen Molenaar
Production: DPPLR
Published: March 2013


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Solid ad.

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Huh, that hits hard.

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very sad... but good to send the message

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