Panda Cheese: You can't say no to panda, 3

Advertising Agency: Advantage Marketing & Advertising/Elephant, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Directors / Copywriters: Ali Ali, Maged Nasar
Art Director: Hossam Fawzy
Production Company: The House Productions, Cairo
Film Director: Ali Ali
Production Company Producer: Houssam Fawzy

November 2010


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Dont care its in other language, that panda rules!

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Reality Check
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All you really need to appreciate "You can't say no to panda" is a taste for the weird and the wonderful.

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I'd really like to know what this cheese taste like, you know.. I cant say NO!

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Okay. I'm getting confused.

I saw the last one first (I usually go backwards here), and it seemed like the Panda was intimidating them with CUTENESS. Because, well, Pandas are cute, and the song is very romance-y.

But after watching the others, it seems the Panda is actually intimidating them with VIOLENCE. Which is funny, in a way. But it also means that the song is a mis-match.

I was actually hoping that the Panda forced them to use the product in different ways: cuteness, violence, hypnosis, etc.

Man. I really want to like these. And they're darn-good as-is. But something's just… off.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Dont think this too much! Enjoy..

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Although after the first one I knew more or less what to expect, none of these failed to make me collapse laughing. Just something about them.

"Ubi hubave lubearned thubat ubanuby fubool cuban wrubite uba bubad ubad, bubut thubat ubit tubakes uba rubeal gubenubiubus tubo kubeep hubis hubands uboff uba gubood ubone."
-Lubeo Buburnubett

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hahaha cute panda

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