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new designer
Activity Score 98

lol this is quite cool, its a fun concept :D

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Activity Score 1464

i thought this was going to be like those nike play tvc (musical chairs, tag, etc.) but it turned out to be no where near as fun. it's just them jumping around and hiding the whole time. there's no quirks anywhere.

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Activity Score 7311

Now that I have the whole story, I really like this concept.

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Activity Score 113

Great !!!

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Activity Score 2555

lame. boring and too long.

Arnold Santillan

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A.G. Pennypacker
Activity Score 607


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Activity Score 15

good work :)

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Activity Score 15

Good work:)

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Activity Score 6692

Boring?? That's a really cool campaign! product and fun go hand in hand - i love it! (and it's not too long either since it is no tv-ad)

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Activity Score 78

Boring…??? this is just a great campaing, is really cool, very good work!!

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ernesto p
Activity Score 76

muy bueno!!!

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Activity Score 374

the battle looks quite orchestrated...
the recruits picked out on their jumping/climbing skills (and probably looks)
i don't believe this as a genuine 'battle'
the camera's are always 'accidental' in the right spot (and angle) when something 'funny' happens (for example the two sun screens).
so: nike-wannabe-ad wanting us to believe this battle to be real...
in my humble opinion...

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Activity Score 59

Cool campaign.

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Activity Score 42

exactly amsterdam, it's obviously scripted!

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Activity Score 1634

Yes, everything is so scripted and orchestrated. The camera flashes are always visible (by post production) eventhough the camera doesn't faces us. The clicking is so obvious. Camera angle is all so well planned ahead. It's just like a tvc...a boring one.

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Activity Score 25

*@*'s really interesting concept..


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Activity Score 212

very entertaining. they've made it an action flick. nice...

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Activity Score 220

I like the campaign. Hasn't really been done for a camera before.

I'm Thai and the translation is a bit off. But the point is clear enough.

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

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Activity Score 30

the concepto its old. but the idea its soo good. Really the battle its original. good work.

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new designer
Activity Score 98

lol this is quite cool, its a fun concept :D