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Yo are sick.

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That is the most disgusting "ad" i have ever seen. I gagged for 1:20 seconds.

kleenex's picture
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That is what makes it special.

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So this product works on cysts, boils and spider bites? I think not. Oh, and gross.

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Holy crap, that was crazy!

I must admit, I havent cringed so much watching an ad for YEARS. Maybe shock tactics do work sometimes

I'm pretty sure oxy didnt sign this off, but it might be an effective ad.

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That was real. But too real. Not enjoyable at all.

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Too close for comfort. This would be the equivalent of showing a woman changing her tampon at the most inconvenient times.

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OMG, exactly.

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Poignant, sensitive, romantic and breath-taking, a feast for all emotions, especially sight, enters the pantheon of world class advertising at the very top spot.

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rama pranendra
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don't like this! how about those who watch television while eating?!

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I get offense to this.

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I really didn't need to see 50 seconds of zits and pus.

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Roger Keynes
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Oh, the moral outrage...and then you all click 'share'. ;)

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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I hope Oxy does not consider this advert to link to their brand. Ads are supposed to inspire, not disgust.

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