Orangina: Statistics, Satellite

Advertising Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris-Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Copywriters: Fred & Farid, Gian Carlo Lanfranco, Rolando Cordova
Art directors: Rolando Cordova, Gian Carlo Lanfranco
Brand supervisors: Hugues Pietrini, Stan de Parcevaux, Florence Burtin
Agency supervisors: Mehdi Benali, Hélène Camus, Olivia Courbon
Tv producer: Karim Naceur
Post-producer: Elise Dutartre
Director: Gary Freedman / Glue Society
Production: Nouvelle Vague
Producer: Sandrine Lima

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talkingisfree's picture
2569 pencils

Not good at all

certaintly's picture
4060 pencils

LOLLLLLLL i loved it.
i mean, it's like the dumb american family guy humor put into a commercial.
but i still loved it.

MindDrift's picture
1079 pencils

It's not Orangina, it's the Speedo. Wearing one is suicide.

kleenex's picture
26375 pencils

Not really feeling it.,

morse's picture
15494 pencils

I don't understand the connection between orangina and the events.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

certaintly's picture
4060 pencils

there is none.
more than anything, theyre just trying to establish the tone of their brand. as whacky, zany, ridONkulous, sarcastic, bizarre.
it's a drink not to be taken seriously

MindDrift's picture
1079 pencils

I think it's a fun and unusual way to say Orangina is good for you.

Vladislav's picture
2409 pencils

How much acid did they take before coming up with this idea?

MichelMichal's picture
268 pencils

That's bad advertising.

jackblack's picture
2261 pencils

What can you say, it's French people trying to be creative. They're really only good at fashion. Ouch!

Temple's picture
9621 pencils

This is wonderful. Come on haters, this is the freshest we have had from Fred & Farid in ten years.

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