Orangina: Statistics, Cannon ball

Advertising Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris-Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Copywriters: Fred & Farid, Gian Carlo Lanfranco, Rolando Cordova
Art directors: Rolando Cordova & Gian Carlo Lanfranco
Brand supervisors: Hugues Pietrini, Stan de Parcevaux, Florence Burtin
Agency supervisors: Mehdi Benali, Hélène Camus, Olivia Courbon
Tv producer: Karim Naceur
Post-producer: Elise Dutartre
Director: Gary Freedman / Glue Society
Production: Nouvelle Vague
Producer: Sandrine Lima


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People, what are you doing? Please, stop this campaign!

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Seriously guys... WTF is this???

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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