Orange: Ten little fingers

Advertising Agency: Marcel, France
Chief Creative Officer: Anne de Maupeou
Executive Creative Director: Steve O’Leary
Account Managers: Cécile Lejeune, Candice Corre, Andrei Cojocaru, Philippe Martin Davies
TV Production: Pierre Marcus, Patrick Pauwels / WAM
Sound Producers: Matthieu Sibony, Sylvain Rety / Schmooze, Clémens Hourrière / WAM
Director: Bruno Aveillan
Company Production: Quad
Producer: Martin Coulais
Production Director: Claudia Treager
Post-production: Digital District
DOP: Bruno Aveillan
Music: Ludovico Einaudi
Aired: June 2013


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way way way too long.
i think it's a fine idea, nice twist.
but it didnt really impact me, maybe it's cus i saw it coming a mile away due to the title or...something else i cant put my finger on.

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Good video, but not so good idea!(

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Poor, and unnecessarily long.

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Elson Miguel
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I really hoped for a better pay off...

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