Orange: Hello

Advertising Agency: Access Leo Burnett Nairobi/Publicis Conseil Paris
Agency Producer: Annette Martyrs
copywriter: Daniel Chandler
Art Director: Nicolas Ermakoff
Copywriter: John Whelan
Director: Bo Platt

March 2009


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Don't know what Orange is, but that's a great spot

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Telecom Company

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Thats a great ad. And by the way: You don't know Orange Communications????, one of the best cellphone carriers in europe!

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You buy that from Jason Mraz? Hmmmmm.

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beautiful even without sound.

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Impressive. It almost makes me want to get married and have a kid. Almost.

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Roshan Quintus
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cool. like the visual flow very much.

bite me

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We've all seen things like this before... but the production and the appropriateness of the product just sends this one over the moon. Great job.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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very nice! congrats

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great ad, nice emotion without being too cheesy

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Hello this is Innocent Yiga iam requesting you tell me about your post paid and the phones on market including their prices my contact is 0772600497. Can i get my number which is 0772600497 in 0792600497 please iam waiting for your call

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Seriously boring.

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ok, as an advert its cute.

Is it right for Uganda and Africa? , does it make you sit and think mmmm nice advert and remember it? does it make u remember the advert when thinking or talking about mobile communications ? does the advert represent Uganda and Africa? should there be more colours and liveliness?

the answer in my opinion is no to all of these questions, although maybe the romancism of the nature of advert somewhat does resemble Africa, but Orange have got this one a little but wrong. Africans LOVE , women, men, music, dancing, showing off and more women and more men and oh yeah more dancing. Armed with this knowledge maybe an advert which is bright and bubbly, has some african music, laughter, dancing, boy girl hero sexy stuff, would do the trick nicely, oh yeah maybe a super hot musician would be the icing on the top....

Come on Orange you have imagination and technology at your finger tips use it wisely, give some young raw talents a chance if you are stuck i say.

this advert seems more like a dating/stay with one partner message sort of add....

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