Ontario Power Generation: Sea dog

Producer:­ Angela Ryan

Advertising Agency: Rain43, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: John Farquhar
Art Director: Bernice Allinson
Copywriter: John Farquhar
Production House: Brown Entertainment
Director: Jamie Way
Editing: Ryan Wagman, School Editing
Music: Eggplant
Account Team: Meaghan Crichton, Patti Laine, Dennis Edell

February 2011


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Gorgeous copy, gorgeous. But is it misguided to show a wise old man with his grizzled canine companion telling us that he's a bit stupid? I watch the ad and am drawn to believe and trust this well-drawn stereotype. Then suddenly he's the one that didn't follow the rules of the water, despite his well-worn oars and obvious respect for nature? Got a mild 'does not compute' error floating here between my ears. If anyone can please fill in the gaps in my thinking I'd appreciate it.

Lovely Authority ending though.

[edit: the other one makes the series clearer. The 'campfire legend' approach. Would be lovely to see a younger characte join in on this one, teaching 'gramps' the truth instead of showing gramps up as the last in the line when the facts were revealed. Next thing he's going to tell us that shhhhh.... Bruce Willis might be a ghost....]

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Pretty good for such a difficult client.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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dean viii
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It's okay. The Mountie at the end ruins what was there. I'd ignore Curious Pencil. Let's not make it all contrived and trite.

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Well, for foreigner, like me, this ad is just... mystery:)

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Nice for the difficult client

Glut's picture
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Nice for the difficult client

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