Old Spice: Hair

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, USA


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Mmmm I don't feel it

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Hammad S
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I reject it. Are there 2 Fabios? I don't get the beginning either.

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Feels like you're trying to do this, but it doesn't come off as well:

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Fabio is looking old... which makes me realize that I too must be aging... so this commercial makes me sad.

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i can't wait to see what his pubes look like.

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i can't wait to see what his pubes look like.

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It's the funniest one in this set of spots, but still not good enough to beat Isaiah Mustafa. I suppose men may not like it, because the ads are targeted at women. But do women still find Fabio attractive and compelling?

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i know i find his pubes attractive.... if he'll just show me them to confirm my theory.

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Ron Burgundy
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this is funny, if you going to change the spokesman why didn't you guys go back to Bruce Campbell....chunkylover69, wtf man?

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What makes you thinks it's he? It could be a chunky (female) lover! Or a chunky gay man.. Everyone is welcome on aotw.. chunky, slender, muscular, White, Black, Latin, Asian, gay, straight, bi..

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Ron Burgundy
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im talking about the pube comments

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You wrote "chunkylover69, wtf man?" man.. I wrote it could be a woman :)

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Lawson Hembree
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Not a fan. Mustafa was a huge success; I don't think they'll be able to repeat with, you can hardly understand what he says...

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Can I start a petition to bring back Mustafa? Alas, these mediocre spots, demonstrate how things usually turn out after a campaign for the ages. After a vintage 2010 Old Spice Guy, we'll have to skip this one.

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shame on you w&k!!!!

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I don't want to be like this idiot... Thanks. Bring Mustafa back.

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i find this very funny. I don't know what all the complaints are about. It's in the Old's Spice's philosophy. That's all.

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AGREED! These are right on the mark. If people hadn't seen Mustafa previously, they'd love these. You can't compare them, just enjoy the oddity of the's awesome.

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What happen W+K? You took 10 giant leaps ahead with Mustafa and 20 steps backwards with Fabio.

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A little too Skittle-ish?

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dean viii
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Fabio was spoofed like about 10 years ago. Plus, the humor just isn't there like the first round. Did a creative or a creative director leave?

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they should've had a pigeon fly in his face right at the end.

then when he was unconscious, someone could check if his pubes are as long as the curtains up above.

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Bring back the black guy. All four stink!!!

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the mustafa ones were funny because they had one punchline after another. pure randomness, crazy, cool.

this one on the other hand is just plain boring. too little action for 30 seconds. and fabio? c'moon

who cares? ima play some tunes instead

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Ron Burgundy
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so, I think this going to be part of a battle between the old, old spice guy and the new one. ....old spice's facebook has Mustafa talking trash almost daily about Fabio...can't wait to see what they do with this.


lol, check out Old Spice's youtube page....this is gonna be good

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Nike Diesel
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This campaign went from Hero to Zero in no time IMO.

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I dont like this campaing.. i think it was much much better with the previous guy!

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