Old Spice: Get shaved in the face

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, USA
Creative Directors: Craig Allen, Jason Bagley, Susan Hoffman, Joe Staples
Copywriter: Andy Laugenour
Art Director: Matt Sorrell
Broadcast Producer: Jennifer Hundis
Director Of Broadcast Production: Ben Grylewicz
Production Company: Gifted Youth
Executive Director / Editor / Visual Effects: Fatal Farm
Sound Mix: Charlie Keating


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Austin Video Pr...
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Awesome. Funny stuff.

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You can't loose with Terry Crews. You just... can't.

An axe murderer of ads.

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It's a bit too similar to the early Terry Crews ads (I'm thinking of the one with the fractal armpit), but still, gold.

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Disgrace to advertising

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I'm sure you are basing such a extreme opinion on more than personal taste/opinion yeah?

I'll just assume you have access to the market research, target demos, client brief, target testing?

A disgrace to advertising, is something that doesn't work. You're implying this isn't working?

If you're in advertising, you have a lot to learn it seems. Hope that internship is working well for you.

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Partially comment is based on my personal opinion but if it sells doesn't mean it's good. The problem is that I still tend to think that advertising is art of communication but these type of ads prove me wrong. I will leave you with the quote of Norman Berry: ''If sales are achieved with work which is in bad taste or is intellectual garbage, it shouldn't be applauded no matter how much it sells''. Good day

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It's entertainment. It's oddvertising. It may not your taste, but it's hardly spitting on a table to get noticed.

There's a lot of intellectual garbage out there, but this... isn't one of them. Terry Crewe is no Mr.Whipple. There's a massssssive difference.

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Serious funny stuff!

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